Institute Introduction

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Focusing on the major scientific problems faced by the high-quality economic and social development of the Yellow River Basin, the research institute relies on the discipline advantages of economic geography, regional economics and geographic information science, and focuses on refining the three characteristic research directions of "economic geography and regional development in the Yellow River Basin", "human land relationship and regional coordination" and "territorial spatial planning and regional governance". In addition, the Institute has built an academic system of "economic geography and spatial governance of the Yellow River Basin" to cultivate academic teams and innovative talents dedicated to the high-quality development of the economic and social development of the Yellow River Basin.

Team members

Director of the Institute: Dr. Hongbo Zhao

Deputy Director of the Institute:Dr. Pengfei Liu

Institute members:Dr. Kewen Lv, Dr. Xiaofei Chen, Dr. Zhonglei Yu,

Dr. Zhiqiang Hu, Dr. Shuju Hu