Full-time Researchers Name:Shaowei Ai



Basic Personal Information

        Shaowei Ai, PH.D ,  Professor, Associate Director of the Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development, Henan University, Research Institute of Ecology and

        sustainable Development;

Education Background

2006/9 - 2009/7Ph.D., Human Geography, Henan University

2003/9 - 2006/7M.S., Human Geography, Southwest University

2001/9 - 2003/7B.S., Geography, Henan University

1998/9 - 2001/7B.S., Geography, Xuchang University


2014/10 - Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development, Henan University

2013/10 - 2014/10Deputy Director, Industrial Office, Provincial Policy Research Office of Henan Province.

2009/07 - 2013/10Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development, Henan University

Research interests

Social and Cultural Geography; Ethnic Geography; Regional Development and Planning,

Representative Achievements

1. Research Projects

12015.01-2018.12, Spatial Pattern & Development Path of Modern Transformation of Urban Hui Communities: Case Study of Zheng-Bian-Luo-Hu Urban Ethnic Districts. Project number: 41471104, Supported by National Natural Science Fundation of China, Principal investigator.

22011.01-2013.12, The research on modern transformation of Chinese Hui community under the background of globalizationProject number: 41001072, Supported by National Natural Science Fundation of China, Principal investigator.

32011.01-2013.12, Rationality and religion: a study on powers’ structure and mechanism for modern transformation of Chinese Hui communityProject number: 20100480845, Supported by Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Principal investigator.

42014/6 - 2015/6Research design and decision-making suggestion for relocation of the Yellow River beach in Henan Province2014365),Supported by Henan provincial government decision making research, Principal investigator.

52011.01-2013.12, The research on evolutionary mechanism and development path of self-dependent innovation of Chinese National High-tech ZoneProject number: 41071081, Supported by National Natural Science Fundation of ChinaCollaborator.

62007.01-2009.12, The research on technology learning pattern of Chinese Economic and Technological Development Zone in the different location and development environmentProject number: 40671069, Supported by Postdoctoral Science Foundation of ChinaCollaborator.

2. Academic Papers

1Shaowei Ai, Changhong Miao. Heterogeneous channels and localized networking of transnational corporations: case of suzhou industrial park[J]. Geographical Research,2011308):1483-1498.

2Xiaofei Chen, Changhong Miao, Shaoqi Pan. Shaowei Ai. Characteristics and construction mechanism of enterprise networks in "hub-and-spoke" cluster: empirical evidence from chery cluster in 2014, China[J].Geographical Research,2018372):353-365.

3Shaowei Ai, The spatial proximity mechanism of minority commercial economy: a case study of mosque-centered agglomeration of hui traders in kaifeng city[J].Economic Geography, 20173711):127-135.

4Shaowei Ai, Xiaofei Chen, Weiwei Li. Relational building and theoretical interpreting of chinese hui communities with a scattered living in small areas: a case study of kaifeng[J].Human Grography,2015303):12-20.

5Shaowei Ai,Juan Li, Xiaowei Duan.The placeness of urban hui community:based on the study of place attachment of dongdasi community in kaifeng[J].Human Grography, 2013286):22-28.

6Xiaofei Chen, Shaowei Ai. Location for surrounding commercial environment of city mosque under the informal institution based on the fieldwork in xinings dongguan[J]. Economic Geography, 2014346):108-114.

7Mingjie Wei, Shaowei Ai, Xiaofei Chen. The location analysis of commercial environment surrounding urban mosque a case study of dongguan mosque in xining [J]. Economic Geography, 2013,332):90-96.

8Shaowei Ai, Changhong Miao. A study on technology learning modes of chinese automobile industry[J]. Economic Geography, 2011314):609-617.

9Shaowei Ai, Changhong Miao."Space of places", "space of flows" and "space of actor- networks" from the perspective of ANT[J]. Human Grography, 2010252):43-49.

10Shaowei Ai, Changhong Miao. Philosophically thinking of economic geographyan actor- network- theory respective[J]. Economic Geography,2009294):545-550.

11Shaowei Ai, Changhong Miao. Change and progress of study perspectives in economic geography[J]. Human Grography,2009244):6-11.

12Changhong Miao, Shaowei Ai. Innovation in spacea new percperctive of learning field[J]. Economic Geography,20097:1057-1063.

13Xiaofei Chen, Shaowei Ai. Relational building and religious identity: The geographic interpretation on transformation of urban muslim community based on the field-work in Xi-ning’s Dong Guan[J]. Journal of hui muslim minority studies, 20132):57-67.

14Shaowei Ai, Xiaofei Chen, Mingjie Wei. Study on tempo-spatial disparities of county economic strength in Henan province[J].Areal research and Development2012312):32-36.

15Yongfang Yang, Shaowei Ai. Study on ecological compensation absence in land requisition and its solutions[J]. China Land Science, 2007216):52-57

Award or Honor

12018, Excellent master's degree thesis instructor in Henan

22014, Excellent master's degree thesis instructor in Henan.

32013, Provincial academic and technical leader of Education Department of Henan Province.

42013, Young key teachers of Colleges and Universities in Henan Province.

52013, The first prize of excellent academic papers of Natural Science in the second Henan Natural Science Academic Award

62012, First prize of Humanities and Social Science Research Award of Education Department of Henan Province.

72016, The two prize for scientific and technological progress of Henan province (Ranking fifth).