Full-time Researchers Name:Yong Liu




Yong Liu, Male, Ph.D., Lecturer, master tutor, Spatio-temporal and social sciences computing laboratory


2011/09 - 2015/09,Sun Yat-Sen University,School of geoscience and planning,Cartography and Geography Information System,Ph.D.

2009/09 - 2011/06,Henan University,School of Environment and Planning,human geography,master

2004/09 - 2008/06,North China water resources and hydropower university,School of resource and environment,Resources and Environment and Urban and Rural Planning Management,bachelor


2015/09 -,Henan University,Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development


Environmental economic geography;The application of GIS in human economic geography



(1)2018,NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China),Simulating the Location Decision-Making of Pollutive Enterprises based on Agent-based Modelling from the environmental regulation perspective and its applications, 2018.1-2020.12, in the research, PI.

(2)2017,Key scientific research projects in Henan province,The pollution industry layout optimization decision support system of Henan province,2018.1-2020.12,in the research, PI.

(3)2016,Post-doctoral program in Henan province,Simulating the Location Decision-Making of regional manufacturing industry based on Agent-based Modelling from the environmental regulation perspective and its applications,in the research, PI.


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(2)Liu, Y. et al.Research on urban flood simulation: a review from the smart city perspective, Progress in Geography, 2015,34(4),494-504.(CSCD)

(3)Liu, Y. et al.Analysis of building performance in the reduction of waterlogging disasters, Journal of Natural Disasters, 2015,24(5),68-74.(CSCD)

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