Henan University Special Talent Zone Administrative Measures

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The talent zone shall be established based on superior and characteristic disciplines and key research institutes at the levels of the state, Province and University.

II.Recruiting Procedure


Applicants may visit the website http://rsc.henu.edu.cn to download the application forms, and complete the form with evidence attached and hand in to the recruitment units.


1. The recruitment unit shall conduct interviews after preliminary assessment of applications.

2. The recruitment unit shall hold academic committee meetings for discussion on the decision of appointment, grading, duties, assessment, fund, etc.

3. The recruitment unit shall hold Party-Administration meeting to decide on the appointments, grading, and funding arrangement based on the applications. The results will be reported to the Human Resource.

4. The recruitment unit shall draft a Contract Duration Task Statement which is scientific, standard, and measurable for different post grades and report to Department of Human Resources for review.


1. Department of Human Resources shall invite experts from other universities to conduct peer review by correspondence, including overseas experts if necessary.

2. Department of Human Resources shall submit peer review results to the school academic committee for voting. The applications of short listed candidates shall be reported to the President’s Meeting for final approval.

3. Under special circumstances, Human Resource with the approval of school leader in charge may invite experts in related fields to review applications and report to the school Steering Group for Talent Development.

4. Human Resource shall construct the Appointment Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) based on Contract Duration Task Statement to specify employment term, working conditions, performance expectations, remuneration, research fund, and settling-in allowance, etc.

5. Henan University shall sign the Agreement with the successful candidate and award an appointment letter.

III. Employment Terms

(I)The talent zone adopts the system of employment term (5 years for each term).

(II)With school’s approval, s/he who applies to terminate the agreement and transfer may leave the present post after going through pre-arranged procedures (annual salary shall be calculated according to actual work time, unused research fund recalled, settling-in allowance converted into payment, the flat returned ). Meanwhile, her/his spouse who has received a job offer shall resign. Any unsettled matters shall be handled according to the Agreement.

IV. Performance Appraisal

The recruitment unit shall make comprehensive reviews on the appointee’s teaching, research and social service according to the goals and tasks stipulated in the Agreement in the midterm (completion of 3 years) and at the expiry (5 years) of contract.

Appraisal procedures are as follows:


The introduced talent shall check against the Agreement her/his performance of teaching, research and social service and submit an overall written summary.


The peer review system shall be conducted. Conventionally, 5-7 external renowned experts may be invited as appraisers to review and rate the appointee’s performance on a scale of outstanding, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory.

V. Renewal or Denial

(I)For midterm outstanding and satisfactory appointee, the signed Agreement will continue. The Agreement terminates automatically for whom did not pass the review process. The dismissed may apply for other posts or conduct resignation procedures within 3 months after dismissal (meanwhile, her/his spouse who has received a job offer shall resign).

(II)The contract-end outstanding appointee shall receive a one-off bonus (total 5 per cent of annual salary) and agreement renewal for a second term. The contract-end satisfactory appointee may sign for a new term. The contract-end unsatisfactory appointee shall be dismissed and may apply for other posts or conduct resignation procedures within 3 months (meanwhile, her/his spouse who has received a job offer shall resign).

(III)Conventionally, the distinguished professor at talent zone appointed for a second term shall be under 60 years old. The senior appointee of 60-65 may exceptionally be considered for the purpose of promoting the research and teaching activities of the University.

VI. Supplementary Provisions

Department of Human Resources shall be responsible for the interpretation of the Administrative Measures which shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.