Research Program Sino-Hellenic Academic Project



The Sino-Hellenic Academic Project (S.H.A.P) is designed to promote and support opportunities for academics from the fields of Hellenic studies and Sinitic studies to collaborate with each other. It offers the vehicle for global project development provided they are related to the Hellenic and Chinese Civilization, the Silk Way and interactions via trade, diffusion of ideas, art and culture issues. The S.H.A.P emerged from the University of Henan and the University of the Aegean collaboration initiated by Prof. Changhong Miao (HENU), Prof. Ioannis Liritzis (UAEGEAN & European Academy of Sciences & Arts, Saltzburg) and Alex Westra, (MA, PhD Cand. at HENU and UAEGEAN) in 2016-7. The S.H.A.P is the umbrella of the two formed Centers -- The Center for Hellenic Civilization (Henan Univ.) and The Center for Yellow River Civilization (in Greece). Both Centers serve educational and Cultural activities between the two countries and form a hub for international students and colleagues to carry research work on subjects related to the aims of S.H.A.P. One important outcome of S.H.A.P is that it transfers of two international journals (Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry and Scientific Culture; see next) for their sustainable development and expansion with proper funding from Henan University and the hosting Centers, The Collaborative Innovation Center on Yellow River Civilization & The Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainability Development.

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