Full-time Researchers Name:Ioannis Liritzis




    Name: Ioannis Liritzis                                 Gender: Male

    Professional Title:  Professor                       Tutor qualification: Teaching, Research

    Degree: Doctor (Ph.D)                       ;;

    Subsidiary: Institute of Capital Civilization and Cultural Heritage

    Subject: Archaeometry and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Archaeology, Palaeoenvironment and Cultural Heritage


1975-1980 Ph.D., Physics in Archaeology, Edinburgh University, Dept of Physics, Advisor: Prof. Robert GALLOWAY (Physics), Prof. Ken CREER (Geophysics), Dr Hugh McKERRELL (Nat. Museum of Scotland, Conservation & Chemical lab.)[Recipient of Edinburgh University Scholarship by committee head Nobel Prize Winner (2012) Prof. Peter HIGGS]

1975-1976, Nuclear Instrumentation Diploma Course, & Radiation Protection Certificate as Radiation Designating Worker, Edinburgh University & East Kilbride Scottish Universities Research & Reactor Center, Advisor-Director: Prof. Robert GALLOWAY.

1971-1975, B.Sc, Physics (Honors), Dept of Physics, University of  Patras, Greece.

1976-77, Geochronology researcher, McMaster University, Dept of Geology, Hamilton, Canada (PhD researcher) [Advisor-Director: Prof. Henry SCHWARCZ]


1999-2020 Full Professor, University of the Aegean, Dept of Mediterranean Studies, Greece

1995, Maître de Conference, Universite de Bordeaux III, Research Center of Interdisciplinary Applications in Archaeology, France, Director: Prof. Max SCHVOERER.

2016, University of California San Diego, Dept of Anthropology, teaching Undergraduate & Post graduate students in Spring term, on two courses a) Graduate Seminar ANTH 207 Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology – New Perspectives, and b) Undergraduate 'World Prehistory -

Method and Theory' Director: Prof Tom LEVY.

2010-12, Teaching in Master Degree entitled: ‘Chemistry, Technology & Management of the Environment’, the course ‘Environmental Archaeometry’, Dept of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece.


Archaeometry-Archaeological Sciences, New technologies in Cultural Heritage, Archaeo-environment, Sustainability of Cultural Heritage, Archaeoastronomy, Digital Archaeology


Works (Books & Editing Books)

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31. Liritzis, I, Guest Editor, in the Journal SUSTAINABILITY (11 papers):

Publications (more than 300, see, some are shown below)

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1995-1999   Onasis Foundation, Athens. Developing a new luminescence dating of carved rocks. Basic research and application, 10, 000 Euros, PI.

2000-2003   Approved (EU co-funded) Project Interreg II, named GAIA collaboration between Alexandria University, Yarmouk University and The University of the Aegean / Ministry of Education.  Responsible of EU co-funded Project via Res Unit Account about the support of the new Dept of Mediterranean Studies (DMS), Rhodes. He was elected as the 1st Professor in the new Department and he essentially set the foundations of this Dept. on Issues of Administration, Syllabus, Personnel, Laboratories. The DMS has three divisions, a) Archaeology, b) Linguistics of SE Mediterranean, and c) International Relations & Organizations, and gets 180 students per annum, after exams. 100,000 Euros, co-PI.

2001-2004  Analysis of Neolithic ceramics from the Aegean with the non destructive XRF, Ministry of the Aegean, 20,000 Euros, PI.

2001-2005  Boudouris Foundation, Academy of Athens. Dating and prospection of two Hellenic pyramidals (new method of dating), 5,000 Euros, co-PI.

2005-2008 Chromatology of Theophrastus from Eressos: Analyses, provenance contribution in the study of cultural heritage, 69.000,00 €, Ministry of Education, EU (75%)-Greece (25%) and co-funded by Holy Foundation St Catherine at Sinai 30%, Programme on R&D (, 40,000 Euros, PI.

2013-2016 EU-Ministry of Education co-funded project of Multiinsularity, on “The beginnings of Aegean prehistory. Part I: 30,000-7,000 BC and 800-200 BC”, 30,000 Euros, PI

2019-2020 Reginal Governance of Mainland Greece, archaeological-archaeometrical investigations of Mycenean settlement Kastrouli (Desfina near Delphi, Greece). Managing fund by the Research Unit University of the Aegean, 14,000 Euros, PI