Full-time Researchers Mame:Yunzhi Wang





Name:WangYunzhi  Gender:Male

Professional Title:Professor Tutor qualification: Doctor supervisor

Subsidiary:Institute of oracle bone science and Chinese character civilization.


1988/09 - 1991/06 Jilin Universitythe institute of Ancient booksChinese historydorctor

1985/09 - 1988/06 Henan Universityschool of LiteratureChinese PhilologyMaster



1992/07- 1998 Henan Universityschool of Literature

1998/07- 2010 Zhengzhou universityschool of history

2010/01- Present  Henan UniversityKey Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development


The Chinese Paleography 



  1. 1993 The study of the religious of Shang dynastyLeader researcher of National Social Science Fund(Youth Program)

  2. 2002 The study of the system of word meaning on inscriptions of oracl-boneLeader researcher of National Social Science Fund(General Program)

  3. 2002 the arrangement and study of the written material unearthed in Henan provinceNational Social Science Fund(General Program)

  4. 2010/12-2018/12 The series studies of inscriptions on oracle-bones and bronzes unearthed in HenanLeader researcher of Key Research Institute In University(Major Program)

  5. 2012/06-2018/12 arrangement and study of the inscriptions on bronzes of Shang and Zhou unearthed in Central PlainLeader researcher of National Social Science Foundation of China(Key Program)

  6. 2017/1-2020/12 National Social Science Fund Major Commission Project Sub-topicsthe development of oracle-bone inscriptions database and the study of the explanations of the Shang characters

Rresearch papers:

  1. Wang Yunzhi.The usage and relationship of the “Yu” and “hou” in the inscriptions of oracle bones and bronzeJournal of Zhengzhou University(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)199110

  2. Wang Yunzhi.The research of the Fu people and area in Shang dynastyJournal of Zhengzhou University(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)20004

  3. Wang Yunzhi.To pay close attention to sorting out the inscriptions of oracle-bone, to begin to study the oracle-bone in the new centuryYindu Journal20006

  4. Wang Yunzhi.the research of Ye people in Shang dynasty Huaxia Archaeology20033

  5. Wang Yunzhi.The explanation of the “shi” in oracle-boneJournal of Pingdingshan Teachers College20042

  6. Wang Yunzhi.The structure analysis of the basic characters of Shang dynastyYindu Journal20046

  7. Wang Yunzhi.The discussion of the Shang’s phonogramsJournal of Tianjin Normal University(Social Science)200412

  8. Wang Yunzhi.To establish a Chinese character museum with the Chinese characteristic civilizationJournal of Zhengzhou University(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)200512

  9. Wang Yunzhi.the explanation of the structure of the Shang’s comprehensible charactersThe Study of Chinese Characters200712

  10. Wang Yunzhi.The discovery, circulating and study of the oracle bones of Shang dynastyYellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development200812

  11. Wang Yunzhi.The research of the divinations for Die having babyYindu Journal20096

  12. Wang Yunzhi.The cultural feature and nature of the inscriptions in ShuangduiJournal of Ocean University of China(Social Sciences)20119

  13. Wang Yunzhi.The relationship between the formation of the Chinese characters and the Central Plain areasYellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development201111

  14. Wang Yunzhi.The explanation of the inscriptions on stones of Shang dynasty unearthed in the Central PlainJournal of National Museum of Chinese History20134

  15. Wang YunzhiCheng Yanjie.The gather and rearrangement of the linguistic data from 6482-6486 in the collection of oracle bonesYindu Journal201712

3. Publications

  1. Wang Yunzhi.The study of the Yin and Zhou characters phenomena of the differentiations with the same origin. ChangchunJilin People’s Press.1996

  2. Wang Yunzhi.Papers on philology.ZhengzhouHenan Fine Arts Publishing House.2004

  3. Wang Yunzhi.Study of the oracle -bone of Shang dynasty.BeijingScience Press.2010

  4. Wang Yunzhi.The writing collection of the Yin Ruin oracle bones. ZhengzhouHenan Fine Arts Publishing House.2017 

Representative awards and honorary titles

Be elected the moving Anyang persons of the 2009 Year, and was given the “special contribution award for the Chinese characters culture” .