News & Events China's first AI-based Oracle Bone fragments rejoining product – The “Rejoining More” software has released.



"Rejoining More" software, the first AI-based Oracle Bone fragments rejoining product which is mainly developed by Henan University, was officially released at the opening ceremony of the 23rd Ancient Texts Research Association on October 31, 2020. The software is the China's first product that truly uses artificial intelligence to rejoin Oracle Bone fragments automatically. The results completed by using "Rejoining More" software for half a month are equivalent to a year's worth of work by human experts. Liu Zhao, a professor at Fudan University and a Yangtze River scholar, said it was "of epoch-making significance".

As a fruit of team cooperation, "Rejoining More" software is mainly completed by the computer team of Professor Zhang Chongsheng, the oracle bone team of Lecturer Men Yi from Henan University and the oracle bone team of Professor Mo Bofeng from Capital Normal University. In the future, "Rejoining More" software can be widely used in the digital restoration of cultural relics, such as Bamboo Slips fragments rejoining, colored pottery fragments rejoining, with high academic value and application prospects.