News & Events HENU held the 23rd Annual Conference of the Association of Ancient Chinese Characters







October 31, 2020, Henan University held the held the 23rd Annual Conference of the Association of Ancient Chinese Characters both online and offline in Kaifeng.

On behalf of Henan University, Vice President TAN Zhen first expressed her sincere welcome to the leaders, experts, teachers and students attending the meeting. She pointed out that Henan University has always attached great importance to the disciplinary construction of ancient Chinese characters, which also has been a nationally leading discipline. She added that this conference will have a profound impact on promoting the study of oracle bone scrip and ancient Chinese characters in Henan University as well as in Henan Province.

HAN Bing, Director of the Office for Social Sciences and Language and Characters of Henan Provincial Education Department, said well-known experts from home and abroad in the research field of oracle bone scrip and other ancient Chinese characters attended this conference, and their study and reports were of great value in promoting the influence of Henan Province in this field.

FENG Shengjun, executive secretary of the Research Institute of Ancient Chinese Characters, encouraged researchers to make great progresses by seizing the best period.

Through the video, Professor QIU Xigui, Professor ZENG Xiantong and Professor LIN Yun wished the annual conference could fully present the research results of ancient Chinese characters, and also heartened researchers would contribute to the research of ancient Chinese characters, which is booming in Henan Province.

At the opening ceremony, Professor ZHANG Chongsheng launched the world's first oracle bone scrip AI rejoining software, which was a big step in the filed.

It is reported that during the 3-day conference. At the invitation of the organizing committee, 6 prominent scholars gave keynote speeches. Also, the organizing committee received more than 130 paper, set up 4 sub-forums for participants to conducted a live webcast. Nearly 200 experts and scholars from home and abroad exchanged their studies and research in 4 themes, including “oracle bone scrip, bronze inscriptions, inscriptions on bamboo slips and silk, and comprehensive study of ancient Chinese characters”.

Translated by WANG Xianzhou