News & Events HENU brought another Collaborative Innovation Center into existence



On the afternoon of October 30, 2020, Henan University unveiled the Collaborative Innovation Center of Oracle Bone Script and Ancient Civilization in Kaifeng.

By studying the unearthed ancient writing materials, like the oracle bone script, the new center should contribute to improve the collaborative research capacity on national projects, including the origin and revolution of the Yellow River civilization, the exploration of Chinese culture, Vice President TAN Zhen emphasized on the ceremony. The center should pay equal priority to enhance the combination of high education and social services, thus building a productive academic innovation system, she added.

After introducing the general situation of this newborn Collaborative Center,  WANG Yunzhi, Director of the Research Center of Oracle Bone Study and the Inheritance and Development of Chinese Charters, expressed his wishes for a better future of the oracle bone script study and a stronger cultural confidence by closer cooperation with other research centers.

In the applause of the attendees, TAN Zhen presented the plaque of “Collaborative Innovation Center of Oracle Bone Script and Ancient Civilization” to WANG Yunzhi.

Professor LIU Zhao from Fudan University, Professor MENG Pengsheng from Southwest University, and Professor ZHANG Yujin from South China Normal University delivered speeches successively. They all expressed their hope to  cooperate with Henan University and make all-round progress in academic research and exchange.

In the following working meeting, the researchers discussed the framework, major research tasks and collaborative ways of the center. Participants also put forward valuable suggestions on the organizing, research team building, talent training and data sharing of the center.

Translated by WANG Xianzhou