News & Events The 9th Annual High-End Forum of the Studies of Yellow River&the International Conference of“Interchange and Mutual Reference of Axial Civilizations and Inclusive Globalization ” was successfully hosted




The opening ceremony ofthe 9th Annual High-End Forum of the Studies of Yellow River&the International Conference of “Interchange and Mutual Reference of Axial Civilizations and Inclusive Globalization ”By Liu Ningning

The closing ceremony of the 9th Annual High-End Forum of the Studies of Yellow River&the International Conference of “the Interchange and Mutual Reference of Axial Civilizations and Inclusive Globalization ”(By Liu Ningn

Participating experts(By Liu Ningning)

From June 16 to June 18 , The 9th Annual High-End Forum of the Studies of Yellow River &the International Conference of“Interchange and Mutual Reference of Axial Civilizations and Inclusive Globalization ” was successfully hosted by the Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development(KRIYRCSD), The Collaborative & Innovative Center of Yellow River Civilization Inheritance and the Construction of Modern Civilization , The Center for the “the Belt & Road Initiative” ,the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources ,China Academy Science and the Chinese Branch of the International Association of Regional Studies . More than seventy national and international experts and scholars gathered in Kaifeng and enjoyed this grand event!

As the presider of the opening ceremony, professor Changhong Miao, Executive Director of KRIYRCSD, welcomed theguests from China and abroad. The attending distinguished experts included Guangzhi Zhang, the vice chairman of CPPCC in Henan Province; Professor Aihe Guan, the Secretary of the CPC of Henan University; Professor Xiaojian Li, the Academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences and the Director of the KRIYRCSD; Professor Zhenzhong Wang, the Member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Professor Hong Xu, the director of Erlitou Archaeological Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;Professor Sally K.Church, University of Cambridge, UK; Professor Qixiang Zhu, Tunghai University, Taiwan; Professor Yehua Wei, Department of Geography and Institute of Public International Affairs, Utah University ; And professor Weidong Liu, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In the speech of opening ceremony, professor Aihe Guan pointed out that “the inheritance and innovation of the Ancient Yellow River Civilization are a major topic which referred to the confidence of route and culture, national and cultural identity. Additionally, it is the most deep-rooted, core, and reliable historical foundation and cultural resources for the present implement of “the Belt and Road initiative”, construction of the Economic Region in the Central Plains and the Inherited and Innovative zone of Huaxia Historical Civilization . Meanwhile,professor Guan stressed in the comprehensive, intersecting and systematic characteristics of the studies of the Yellow River civilization. And furthermore, he advocated that “ the deep core and common values of the Yellow River civilization should be discovered , the academic discourse system of Yellow River civilization featuring with Chinese styles should be constructed. And such efforts would result in a forming academic base of the exploration of Chinese civilization origins and the manifestation of the exchanges of world civilizations. The deputy secretary and chairman of CPPCC in Henan Province Guangzhi Zhang maintained that “ As one of the most durable civilizations, the Yellow River civilization bred the basic spirit and ecological consciousness of Chinese culture. Also it contained values, cultural identity and national personality of Chinese nationalities. Moreover, it caused the Chinese ancient political systems , social orders, religious beliefs and the spiritual fields. Therefore, it has been constructing the deepest historical foundation of Chinese route and soft power and a main channel of the international representation of Chinese civilization. Guangzhi Zhang held positive attitude for the significance of the theme of the conference due to the backgrounds and contexts of the globalization,regional economy and cultural conflicts.Professor Sally K.Church from University of Cambridge believed that China has been enforcing the effective measurements to deal with environmental problems.Such positive advancements are coordinated by Chinese experts,scholars and government. Professor Church expressed her good wishes for further exchanges of thoughts in this forum.

With the theme of “Interchange and Mutual Reference of Axial Civilizations and Inclusive Globalization”,the conference proceeded smoothly in the forms of plenary speeches and panel discussions. The Plenary speeches include“the archaeological observation of the civilization of the East Asian mainland cities in the Axial Age”(Hong Xu ,CASS); “The Discussion of 'why China' from the Theory of the Formation of the Chinese Nationality ”(Zhenzhong Wang ,CASS); “Faxian: China’s Earliest One Belt One Road Traveller (399-414)”(Sally K.Church,University of Cambridge ); “The Reflection of the History of the Evolution Modes of the Maritime Silk route in Ming dynasty”(Zhiping Chen ,Xiamen University);“One belt one road: Leading inclusive globalization”(Weidong Liu , Institute of geographical science and resources,CAS);“Spatiality of Regional Inequality in China”(Yehua Wei ,The University Of Utah);”The Inclusive Globalization and the Regional Impetus of China’s Development” (Changhong Miao ,Henan University); ”The Past and future of the Yellow River”(Heqing Huang,Institute Of Geographical Science And Resources,CAS);”The Sudden Change of Climate & the Cultural Response Around 4000 Years Before” ( Zhaodong Feng,Henan University);“Whither Globalization”(Michael Dunford,University of Sussex,UK);“Uneven and Combined Development: a Strategy to Strengthen Regional Economic Cooperation in Central Asia”(Zhenshan Yang ,Institute of Geographical Science and Resources,CAS);”Advocating the Inclusive Culture, Constructing the Belt & the Road Coordinately”(Zhancang Zhang ,Academy Of Social Sciences in Henan Province);”The Biography of Mu Tianzi and the Discovery of the Silk Road”(Yujie Li ,Henan University); And ”The Creative Practice of the Culture of Chinese Characters in the Central Plains”(Yunzhi Wang,Henan University).In a word, these speeches mainly focused on the the topics of evolution of Yellow River Civilization in the Axial Age and the building of the Belt & the Road in the inclusive globalization epoch.

In the afternoon of June 17, the experts and young scholars exchanged and discussed ideas in four panel sessions including “Globalization, Urbanization & Spatial differences”,”the Inclusive Globalization & Regional Transformation of Sustainable Development”,”The Yellow River Civilization and Its Break Through in the Axis Age ” and “the Studies of Oracle Bones”.

In the afternoon of June 18, the closing ceremony was presided by professor Changhong Miao,the executive director of the KRIYRCSD. First, he sincerely appreciated the presence of the experts and scholars.And then he put forward that the output of culture needs some unique code such as inclusiveness which originally came from China and the wisdom of Yellow River Civilization will contribute to the whole society. Furthermore, professor Miao stressed that the inheritance of traditional culture required the construction of discourse system in the dialogue frame of Axial Civilizations and eventually will enhance “the studies of Yellow River ”.

The Forum of “the Studies of Yellow River”has been successfully held eight times and become one of the high-end platforms of the studies of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development for national and international scholars and researchers. And this ninth annual meeting presented the essential contribution of the academic groups of “the studies of Yellow River” to the international academic dialogues of the comparison of world civilizations, which will be proved to affect positively Henan University for the building of the World top universities.